With Ultralight Backpacks Hiking Becomes A Joy

The concept of minimal luggage and ultralight backpacks during hiking trips met a lot of criticism during its formative years. There was both criticism and approval among people competent in outdoor sports. Some people feel that carrying light backpacks during the trip conserves a lot of vital energy while there are many who feel that not having adequate supplies involves a lot of unnecessary risks. With all the pros and cons, the ultralight backpack has become part of a popular concept which continue to be implemented by millions across the globe.

backpack-small-monogramThe term is somewhat of a misnomer. It suggests that may be a person is almost free from baggage and moving rapidly through the landscape. The concept is not about cutting the maximum amount of weight possible so that you can just move about freely through the surroundings. There is a lot of common sense involved in the whole process and those who have gone through the light routine know the practical aspect here.

There are standards norms regarding the total amount of weight that must be there in possession with any outdoor adventure enthusiast. Some say that you should have at least 40 pounds worth of goods and some support going lighter than that value too. However, if you are the hiker in question it is you who will be making the final choice regarding all the items that make way into the light weight backpack. The whole idea is to increase the overall fun in camping and trekking activities without creating unnecessary levels of risks.

There are some really useful points when you are looking to cut down the mass of the pack. Here are some tips for ultralight backpacking:

  1. Take equipment which can be reused

Although most people advise taking disposable stuff, getting more number of reusable items is an important point here. With items that are reusable you really save in a lot of money and can easily plan many trips in the future. There are several odd items that need not be disposable. Make a list of all items that you are supposed to carry and then tick out the ones that can be transferred in the disposable category.

  1. Be really sure about you want

Very often our thinking progresses once we have started on the journey. It is no use looking for something in the backpack which is not there. There has to be some sort of comprehensive planning before you embark on the trip. Make a big check lists of all the items and then it would be really easy to pick the must have ones.

  1. Internal motivation

This may seem to be an odd point but at times it becomes the most important one. Lack of confidence is the one thing that you should avoid. Light or heavy you have to believe in your own concepts. People get motivated and start on with the ultralight variety of backpacks only to be discouraged by others. At times you may even see the baggage of others and get demotivated. Once you have decided for the procedure, go for it full confidence and allow yourself to enjoy the journey.

  1. Avoid being a fanatic

There is no pride linked with using packs that have near zero weight status. You are not there to set records using the weight as a benchmark. This is the reason why contemplation is so important. You are the best judge here. If the gut feeling suggests taking certain items do take them along even if you have to change the backpack in question.

If you have decided that going with less amount of weight is your cup of tea, check out online blogs and read about the experiences of professional hikers. Read about how they managed to create memorable experiences using only a few of the so called must have items. This will certainly provide the necessary amount of confidence to tackle various situations with ease. Additionally you will also get creative ideas on how to create memorable experiences and get the best from the trip.

There are a whole lot of ideas behind how to cut down the weight of backpacks for camping and other outdoor trips. It would be wrong to say that there is no risk out there but every journey comes along with risks. On a philosophical note, life itself is a risky journey! Quite frankly, there is more of confidence involved in the whole process as advantages and disadvantages would always be relevant. However, there is no doubt in the fact that once you have completed a trip without the usual items, you would definitely emerge as a more confident person. There are people who were hesitant to adopt the concept of ultralight backpacks. But once they got the hang of the whole thing and the necessary courage, rest of it became really easy.