Why Every Hiker Needs a North Face Recon

classic north face recon

The front of a classic NFR bag. Notice the handles and laces made of pure quality.

No matter where you live in the world, there are plenty of nearby locations to go hiking. The act of hiking is one of the most fun and meditative experiences that people can have and yet it is available to anyone who wants to spend some time walking over rugged terrain. Even beginners can start with terrain that is easy to traverse, but there are some essential items no matter where you decide to go. There are several reasons to name why each and every hiker would need a North Face Recon. The following article will give you an overview of the features that make this such a necessity.

Lightweight and Durable – Perfect Match?

One of the biggest problems that most hikers run in to when they are trying to enjoy the outdoors is too much weight. When it comes to day or weekend hikes, there is no need to carry their big, expensive backpack that can carry enough supplies for weeks in the wilderness. Instead, the NFR rucksack offers a lightweight style that makes it comfortable for anyone to use. People who are just trying to enjoy a single day trip can do so without hurting their back or causing any fatigue.

The durability of the North Face Recon is also exceptional. Many people don’t think that it is possible to find a high quality backpack for day trips that is going to last a long time. The cost of most high quality backpacks tends to far exceed that of the Recon North Face model. For that reason, it is a tremendous value for anyone who wants to go hiking for just a single day. While it is small, it can hold plenty for the day’s trek.

North Face Recon Safety Features

climbing the mountains

Climbing the steepy mountains covered with snow… But only with a real NFR.

Some people that do not have to worry about back pain might not recognize the benefit of the Recon. When going on a daily hike, it is important to have a backpack with numerous features that can help to improve the entire day. When it comes to the Recon model lightweight backpack, the compressed and efficient design combined with the durability of the backpack make it an awesome tool for people to use.

The people who already have some level of back pain can see a lot of benefits from using a lightweight backpack. Even if it is only for a single day rather than a week long trip, it is worthwhile to help those recover quicker and get back to what they enjoy best. Most importantly, this backpack has been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

North Face Recon – The Specs

Now that you have heard an opinionated view on the North Face Recon, it is time for you to hear something a bit more meaningful in terms of specifications. People who know their backpacks often want a list of specific features that the backpack has to offer:

  • Avg. weight: 2 lbs. 10 oz (1182g)
  • Backpack dimensions: 20” x 12.5” x 8” (51 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm)
  • Volume: 1770 in cubed (29 liters)
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Fabric: 420D nylon, 600D polyester print, 1680D ballistic nylon
NFR women's

Young mother with a more modern NFR version and her little one. Proving that this bag is made for anyone.

For anyone who is not familiar with materials, size and dimensions, this is a backpack that fits the requirements for the perfect day item. Most people who are trying to find the best backpack to house their goods as they hike will not be able to find anything better than this for a few reasons. First, the nylon fabric used in the pack is extremely high quality compared to the cost of the overall pack. Second, the dimensions are very rare and hard to come by at that size and lastly, the average weight is well below most packs. Even for a day back, a little over 2 pounds is nothing compared to most other products that are currently on the market.

Day Pack Features for Hikers

Aside from some of those features, there are even more practical ones for those who are out on a day hike. It’s nice to know that your backpack is made of good material and it is lightweight, but what kinds of things can it do for you when you are in the wilderness? As mentioned earlier, the backpack is made for comfort and can help those with severe pain. The FlexVent injection-molded shoulder straps have different types of foam that are made to provide the best protection and comfort to your shoulders.

Additionally, there are padded Airmesh back panels with a spine channel that is perfect for spinal support on a backpack that will be used to trek through the wilderness. Even if you are just going on a short hiking or fishing trip with this backpack, it is nice to have your back and shoulders completely protected from undue stress. Most people don’t realize the benefit of these types of devices, but they are the small details that make the NFR so much better than anything else.

Carrying Space on the Recon

Even though it is nice to have a comfortable backpack for a day trip, that doesn’t mean you can always sacrifice your space. A lot of people go on trips that require some food and a wide variety of other materials that can’t be easily left at home. For these materials, it is best to use the North Face Recon because of the wide variety of pockets and cargo room that seems impossible with such a small backpack.

If you wanted to bring your computer out on your hike, which most people in the modern world do, then it is possible to use the large main 15” laptop sleeve that makes it an easy fit. Simply slide the laptop in and you are ready to go. Aside from that, there is also a hydration port and two compartments that are already organized. There are several pockets on the side and the front, which can fit things like food and other miscellaneous items. A water bottle mesh on the side rounds things out perfectly.

Time to Get Hiking


There are differences between the backpacks from NFC. Not only size and color matter, also the requirements for which one buys one of these bags matters greatly.

If you have ever thought about going hiking with friends, but were hesitant to do so because of the size of the backpack, the North Face Recon is for you. There are plenty of excuses that you can make to not go hiking in difficult terrain and a harsh wilderness, but not having the right backpack is not one of them. The Recon has been designed to be lightweight and extremely comfortable for anyone to use frequently. More importantly, it has been designed with many practical features in mind including a very strong material and several compartments.

When it comes to hiking with friends and family, it is always a fun time, but definitely better with a comfortable pack. Instead of waiting for the bigger packs that can cost a lot of money, just get a daypack or something like a cool Jordan pack and you will be ready to go. Most people find that using this type of quality backpack for a single trip makes it well worth it. Because it is recognized as a friendly backpack by chiropractic organizations, you can feel perfectly safe using this for your own hiking needs.