Wheeled backpacks – Why You Should Have Them

wheeled-backpack-blackEven though backpacks are very convenient to use and for carrying things, wheeled backpack gives you more flexibility and ease for carrying things in a much easier way. You don’t even need to carry on your back. You only need to pull on the handle and the backpack will move on its wheels. So, even if you were to carry heavy weight luggage, you would be able to do that without straining your back and shoulders. Wheeled backpacks give you this luxury and everyone should have at least one.

For people who have to travel a lot and are usually mobile, these wheeled backpacks will give them the ease and comfort which will make their travels easier. These definitely are the best way to travel and can withstand all kinds of travels, be it by bus or train or flights.

In fact, a lot of people move from normal backpacks to the wheeled backpacks. Do you know the reasons for that? Given below are few of the reasons for shifting from normal to the wheeled ones:

  • When people experience the discomfort due to frequent traveling and by carrying the load on their shoulders, they switch over to the wheeled bags.
  • When you get into fancy hotels, you need to have luggage and backpacks which look fancy enough. If you are found to be carrying your backpack like some porter, it will give a very weird impression to the hotel people.
  • Searching for things from a normal backpack might be a nightmare and will take a lot of your time and effort. In fact, you might have to dig out everything in order to take out something from the bottom.
  • There might not be extra pockets in the normal backpack which will make your work even tougher. If the bag has extra pockets, then you can easily segregate your things.
  • And, if you were to find a proper backpack which have the extra pockets and all that, hoisting them would be a tough challenge and your back will go for a toss. Also, if you were to carry these bags while standing in the airport queues, you would be ruining your shoulders and your back too.
  • If suppose, you have a separate bag for carrying your laptop, how will you carry these backpacks? You can, of course not, carry both the bags together. So, in such a case, wheeled backpack will be a great savior.
  • Sometimes, the backpacks which are to be carried have lovely shoulder straps and these straps can actually get damaged on the conveyor belts in the airport. And, if your strap gets torn off, your bag will be of not much use to you.
  • Lastly, you cannot want to look like a porter carrying that entire luggage behind you. It will only give you a hunched back and drooping shoulders and will sap off your energy too. So, where will you get the energy to enjoy other things?

Now that you have read all the points which compel a person from moving over to a wheeled backpack, you would be able to decide for yourself, which backpack you want to go for. Even though the wheeled ones might be on a more expensive side, the amount of flexibility and comfort that it gives you will be worth all the money spent. After all, health is also important, right?

Can you afford to buy a wheeled backpack?fasttrack-large-bag

If you keep checking out the net, you would be able to find some discounted offers and some great deals. And, other than that, you could also shop for it during the festive seasons when there might be some good deals going on.

The main benefits of the wheeled bag

  • The main bag will open up completely and will allow you to easily see through and access all the contents.
  • There are few dividers made of mesh which will help in keeping the stuff separate.
  • These also have zip-away straps which can be used when the wheels are not convenient (for example, when you are going on a rough terrain or when you have to navigate on a lot of stairs).
  • These wheeled backpacks have matching daypacks which will zip into the main bag. This means that you have only one big bag to carry around.
  • And, of course, the best part about this bag is the wheels. You would end up using these all the time. Even though, these bags come with shoulder straps, you might not be having a need to use it much. Can you imagine the positive impact that this will have on your shoulders and your body?

But, all said and done, you should not do away with the shoulder straps completely. You never know when you might be in the need for these straps. So, instead of just going for a wheeled trolley bag, go only for wheeled backpack, which will give you the flexibility to use it either ways. It is very practical and will not leave you on a lurch if you were to get struck up at some place where there is no lift and you have to use only the stairs.

eagle-creek-bag-wheelGood things about wheeled backpacks

  • One of the good things is that it has great wheels which are invaluable and makes is reusable too. And, these are useful especially when you have to carry a huge load.
  • There are straps as well and it helps in giving the flexibility of using both the wheels and the strap.
  • Also, one can easily sort through the contents inside the bag without disturbing everything inside. The traditional backpacks have to be opened from the top and then everything needs to be taken out to reach to the bottom.

Not so good things about wheeled backpacks

  • The worst thing that one can point about these backpacks is that they are heavier than the normal ones. And, that is because of the weight of the wheels. So, if your plan is to go for trekking or hiking, then these might not be the right option for you. After all, you cannot afford to carry the wheels and the stand also on your poor shoulders. So, depending upon the terrains that you have to cover and your travel needs, choose to go only for the bag which is convenient and comfortable for you. And, if your main aim of travel is to trek, then go for the light weight backpacks.

Tips while choosing the wheeled bags

  1. Look for the ones which have padded shoulder straps and also have a waist belt and strap on the chest. This will help your shoulders and back from stooping down and pulled back.
  2. Also, check out if the sides are sturdy and there are handles on the top. This will be useful for lifting the bag and carrying around, sometimes.
  3. Of course, while deciding to buy any bag with zippers, you should check out the zippers to see if they are solid enough and won’t come out.
  4. If your bag is water proof and water resistant, then it is good and you will be saved from the rains.
  5. Another important factor for the security of the bag would be to have lesser number of zips on the outside as possible. This is so that you don’t need to lock each and every zip while traveling.

Now that you have read all the points related to wheeled backpacks, your choice should be easy and you should be able to decide one good bag for yourself. Actually, one should have both the kind of backpacks so that one can use it as per the need. So, if you have to do a lot of trekking, then you can go for the normal backpacks. And, if you have to just travel a lot, then the wheeled ones should do the trick.