Trendy Backpacks – Epic Fail?

Cute backpacks for teenage girls are in trend these days. Every one of the girl in this world is conscious for her looks. They all want to be stylish, sexy and trendy. Their look does not only mean their dress, hairstyling and makeup. It also includes their shoes, spectacles and backpacks. Yes! You heard right. Girls do care about the kind of backpacks they take for the school, college, shopping or for travelling. It is something common that all girls love to be in fashion and in the trend which is latest. They do not like the older version of anything. They do not even compromise with the smallest of the thing related to her style and looks. You can find some the very cute backpacks for teenage girls on SHOPSTYLE by popsugar. Here are some of them-

  1. Schoolgirls PackIKat canvas backpack (juniors) by BP – they look very cute and come in a single color that is blue. They look very trendy and are tailored in the most fascinating way. It has iKat print and a canvas of cotton. It has a fine detailing of faux-leather trim. It has features like drawstring closure on the flap which is at the top, it has zips inside and outside with the slip pockets. The fabric is purely cotton and thus it is very nice to touch. It will cost you $42.
  1. Jansport super break backpack by PacSun – they are really very cute backpacks for teenage girls come in the color of coral. It will cost you $35.95 and has a main compartment which is very large. Its length is 12” breadth is 9.5” and its height is 16”. It has a big pocket in front with the zip and has pen holders and a pouch to keep your stationery stuffs. It has the straps which are adjustable. This bag is real cool for the girls. And one should just buy it.
  1. Madden-Girl X Kendall & Kylie floral backpack- oh… Please don’t take a chance to miss it. It’s something really cute. These bags have a floral print on the white base. Its straps are faux leather trim. You will also get some leather accessories along with it which will be a bonus for you. It has a pouch on the exterior part with zip. It has its interior fully covered by polka dots and has a pouch inside also. It is a very spacious bag with the length 13”, breadth 6” and height 15”.
  1. Dakine daffodil Ruck sack backpack – they are the most exclusive bags and go out of stock easily. It has a very fine detailing of crochet and has been woven throughout. It has the leather straps and its closure is drawstring. It is a very big bag with pouches inside and gives you a slouchy look. They are apt and cute backpacks for teenage girls.
  1. Jansport super break aqua dash backpack- you can get them online. They are the bags for PacSun. special-backpack-boysThey are really worth buying as they have a very cute color. They provide you a guarantee for lifetime and have the straps which are adjustable and fully padded to provide you comfort and the straps are fully colored. It has a big compartment which is fully padded and you can even put the laptops and it has a pocket for ipad which is very soft lined.
  2. Nice things mini backpack &fanny pack- they are really cute backpacks for teenage girls. They have the drawstring closure. They have the stripes which are techno fibers and have a pocket with zip on the interior side. Its length is 1.17 inches, breadth of 10.92 inches and the height of 13.65 inches. You can buy them online and get a very cute look for yourselves.

There are various other bags which are available in the bright and attractive colors. Girls have an opportunity to make them look cool. There are various cute backpacks for teenage girls who are available in the colors like pink, aqua blue, red with very cute cartoon prints, floral prints, multicolor stripes etc. So girls, be ready to make your look cute even when you are in school or college. Make your travel lavish with these backpacks and get a feel alive.