Nike Backpacks for Boys – Fashionable?

Backpacks have become an absolute necessity. The have also come a long way and the new designs are quite trendy and good looking. Nike bags for little kids will give you a great range, available in all colors and shapes. With the kind of things that it can accommodate, how can one live without it? They offer the convenience of holding a lot of things, which makes them ideal for traveling. Depending upon your gender, there are various backpacks which would suit your styles and needs.

This article is about Nike backpacks for boys. And, given below are some of the famous Nike bags.

Nike Zip3 System Zipper

This offers the comfort and also the convenience along with personalized looks. Given below are the features:Nike-Zip3-System-Zipper

  • It has a separate gear component along with adjustable shoulder strap, having air cushioning for a comfortable fit.
  • It is a sporty bag and you would be able to carry whatever you need to court.
  • Available in various colours, it has a lightweight and durable fabric which can keep the gear secured and protected.
  • There are pockets on the exterior for holding the insulated water bottles.
  • There is a main compartment, giving spacious storage

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air

This is one of the best Nike backpacks for boys. And, its features include:Hoops-Elite-Max-Air

  • The shoulder straps are cushioned and adjustable.
  • The fabric is water resistant and will give great protection to your belongings even during rainy seasons.
  • You can customize them with the colours and graphics that you want.
  • They are light in weight and can absorb all kinds of shocks and will give cushion to your shoulder by distributing the loads evenly.
  • It has a dual zip compartment which provides for spacious storage.
  • This one also has a separator inside for wet and dry, a shoe compartment.

Nike Hyper Shield Max Air

Another great Nike backpacks for boys, this one is specially created as the football backpack.Hyper-Shield-Max-Air

  • It is light in eight and has a durable Max Air for absorbing shocks and cushioning the shoulders.
  • The premium cushioning helps in keeping the gear organized.
  • The back is padded for providing great comfort.
  • There is a zipped main compartment having built in organizers for secured storage.
  • It has separate storage compartments providing wet and dry storage with laser cut perforation.
  • The fabric is water resistant and will keep the gear dry and safe.

Nike Shield Compact Soccer Backpack

soccer-shield-compact-backpack_bvt_detailThese ones are again created with the Soccer in mind. These have the crests of the various countries on them. This provides versatility and can give you pride. The shoulder straps are padded and there are multiple compartments that provide various storage options. There are zip pockets on the exterior which provides for easy access storage.

Nike Shield CompactShield-Compact

Like all other backpacks, this one is also made with a fabric that is water resistant so that your clothes and other gear can be kept dry. This one is used for carrying all your belongings as there are separate compartments for wet and dry and the back panel is padded. There are dual zip compartments for spacious and secured storage. This comes with a limited life time guarantee. The fabric used is 100% polyester.

Nike Cheyenne Kids’ backpack

If you are a young boy, then this will be the best choice under Nike backpack for boys. It has a tough exterior with roomy interiors. It can help in keeping your essentials secured and safe. With adjustable shoulder straps that are padded and comfortable, it has a dual zip for main compartment providing spacious and secured storage. The mesh pocket in the interior gives it a breathable storage and keeps your things organized. The bottom is made up of reinforced tarpaulin which provides for durability and gives a complete water proof protection. It also has an handle grip on the top. It is made up of 100% polyester.

Nike Classic Backpack

classicThis is one kid’s backpack which can easily hold though on small shoulders. It has a lot of zip pockets providing for easy and secured organization. And, it also has the exterior pocket on the backpack for holding the smaller items.

This was a study of the most featured and best Nike backpack for boys. Remember that your young boys have to carry a whole lot of things on their shoulders. Even if they look strong and athletic, their bags should be strong enough for holding their things and also for giving them the comfort so that they don’t get weighed down by the weight of their bags and the things inside. Along with their sports accessories and bottles of water, they also need storage space for keeping their phones, wallets and extra set of clothes. Other than that, they can also use these backpacks for holding books and for taking them to schools or colleges. So, based upon the need, you can go for any of the Nike backpack for boys.