Large Backpacks – Unpractical?

large backpackUsing a bag to carry your belongings is not something new. People have been doing that for thousands of years and many of these large backpacks have helped people to survive in very harsh climates. The idea of bringing something with you on a journey was probably discovered by Paleolithic man. However, technology has grown quite a bit since those times and there are plenty of reasons to own a small or large backpack. The following article will help you to decide whether you need a large backpack and some of the features that you can search for to ensure you get the best one for you.

Larger Backpacks and their Requirements

owl backpack

Owl-shaped big backpack

As with anything that you buy or use, it is important that a bigger than normal bag comes with a specific kind of goal. If you are someone who carries a lot of things in your backpack or needs to move around a lot, then it is a good idea to get a big one. However, there are some drawbacks to getting big packs as well. One of the main problems is that they just get too heavy. If you don’t need to have too much weight on your back, it might actually be safer if you did not use such a large one.

Even though many people think that these packs are best because you can always use it no matter what your desires, this might not actually be true. For a small day trip hike to a different location, you will find that your goals are going to be far different. At the end of the day, it is necessary for you to reflect upon your goals and see where a big bag might help and where it might not.

This is the best way to make your decision because the heavy weight of a pack over too long a period can lead to debilitating back and leg problems. Many people complain that their lower back, knees and ankles hurt when they carry packs that are too big for them to really carry. Rather than falling into this type of trap, it is best that you just look for something smaller if that is what you need.

Benefits of Large Backpacks

big blue pack

Blue backpack

Once you have determined your goals, it is easier to look into the specifics of a larger bag to see how it can help you. People that need to have a lot of space, such as on a week long hike or something similar, need to get a bigger bag that has special compartments. Not all big packs are made the exact same way. If you are looking for a larger bag that is specifically designed for hiking, there are many different ones that have shoulder straps that are comfortable and other features that are designed specifically for the hiker in mind.

Also, it is important to note that the benefits of a bigger pack are carrying fewer items. Many people have a lightweight backpack, but they also need to carry other things on the side. When you have so many different items that you have to carry, it almost negates the benefit of a small bag. In fact, it makes things more complicated because a bag can be nicely placed on your back whereas other things need to be carried all the time.

This is one of the huge advantages of a larger backpack for people who want to carry a lot of things. Rather than have some goods in your hand, it is easier to just get it all in the backpack and leave it there. It’s also worth noting that having a bigger bag with more items in it, does not necessarily mean it is heavier. Modern bags that are made for this, are specifically designed to spread the weight around the body, which results in a much lighter feeling pack than you might be used to.

Features of Larger Backpacks

Each bag should come with a set of features that will be useful for you. There are some general features that they each need to have and some more specific ones depending on the type that you buy.

  • Each pack needs to be made of quality, durable material
  • Each pack needs some type of shoulder or back support for the additional weight
  • Each pack needs a spot for holding odd shaped items (like a water bottle)
  • Each pack needs multiple pockets in a wide variety of sizes and shapes

If your big backpacks do not fit these requirements, it might be time to get a new one. These basic rules will help you to determine whether it is worth continuing with your existing bag or if it might be better for you to get a new one that specifically fits your needs. Most experts would agree that when you are picking a bag in this category and with the journey you have in mind, price might not be the first priority. large backpacks benefits

Specific changes are associated with things like hiking bags versus big bags for movie equipment. A hiking pack needs to have even more comfort because it will be big and have a lot of weight. The shoulder straps and back should be even more comfortable if you are going to be carrying a lot of weight around for some time. When it comes to a movie or camera equipment bag, it is important to have the right shapes and sizes for the difference devices. Otherwise you will not be using your space efficiently.

Choosing the Right Backpack for You

large rucksacks

Fully Equipped Large Backpack

No matter what your needs, if you are carrying a lot of things around, big backpacks are something that you need to have. These bags can help you to more efficiently move things around. It is important to keep a few things in mind when looking for one. If you don’t mind about the style, you are in good shape because durability and quality of the material is really what is most important. It is most important that you search for different practicality indicators that can tell you whether a certain bag is going to work or not.

Most of the time, you will find that the large backpacks are not at all created the same. Some of them have more pouches than you might need while others are not as comfortable as you require due to old back or knee pain.

When choosing the right bag for you, keep in mind that it might be your choice for a very long time. You might be wearing that pack for many years so it is important to test them all if you can. If you cannot put them on your back to test, look at the specifications like the weight of the pack and the dimensions. With this information, you can determine whether it might be a good fit for you or not. Most people can use this information to best identify the whether the pack will fit their needs. When it does, then it is a good match for you.

Choosing the right large backpacks is not always an easy task, which is why you may want to buy more than one. If you have specific needs for a backpack, such as hiking or carrying movie equipment, don’t try to use the same pack for many other things in life. Just get more than one and have each fit a specific purpose. This way you can make sure that you are not hurting yourself and you will also ensure the best efficiency. You don’t want to carry things around that don’t really help you all that much or are so heavy that they end up hurting you.