Go Girly! Take The World and Paint It Pink

Pink Backpacks – Can It Get Anymore Girly?

PinkPink is the color which is very soothing and feminine. Pink backpacks are the first choice of girls. Girls always love to have something which is unique and which makes them stand out of the crowd. Girls want themselves to look classy and want to stay stylish ever. There are various styles of backpacks and they come in different colors and styles. A girl’s dress up does not only includes clothing, but it also includes shoes, accessories, bags, watches and hairstyles. They always want to dress themselves as best as they can. They buy something which gets fit in their eyes at the first glance. Girls do not but something easily and quickly. They can go to hundred places before they buy a single thing. Girls have always been very choosy. Whether she is just a 3 year old or she is 70. They all have the same habit.

It has always been said that, it is difficult to understand girls. Yes, it is true that girls are like very dramatic and choosy. They can change mind easily when they see something better in the shopping mall. Thus all the girly stuffs have been designed in a much customized way. They keep in mind, the choices of the girls. Their favorite colors, patterns, designs and their health too. Girls had a very close attraction towards the color pink. They go for the pink dresses, pink shoes, pink backpacks, and pink accessories more. They tend to get freeze to the stuffs which are pink in color. Pink is a color which is very soothing and pacifying to the eyes, the color is girly and has various shades.


Talking about pink backpacks, they are the most customers oriented. Girls prefer to buy the backpacks which are pink in color. Whether she is a girl who started going to school or the girl who is going to join the college. They opt for the bags which are pink. There are various types of backpacks like school backpacks, college backpacks or travelling backpacks. They come in different color and prints. But girls have some special choices among those. They do not go for all the colors. Since they are choosy, they think a lot about the color of backpacks, its pattern, design and size. Usually they go for the color pink or purple as these are feminine colors. Now let us throw some light on the backpacks of girls for different age groups-

Pink Child Backpack

Pink Child Backpack

Backpacks for toddlers

Little baby girls who just started for school are the ones who never get willing to go to the school. You must have recalled the time when you have started to go to the school. It is really a nightmare for every kid to go to the school. They find it boring and full of restrictions. They always search for the ways by which they can escape going to school. Do not get upset that your kid resist going to school. Just make them feel excited for the school by buying them the cute backpacks, bottles and other stuffs. Usually girls love the pink backpacks, just take them for shopping before school opens. Let them choose for them, so that they will be happy and excited to go to the school. Kids always love the backpacks with the cartoon characters on it. They love to have different shapes made on them. They prefer to have the colors like pink and purple. Kids are fragile thus they need to be taken care off. Their body is weak and at the growing stage. Heavy backpacks full of books can cause problems to their spine and could lead to a big disease later. Thus you should choose the bags which are comfortable and safe for health. Do not compromise with the health for the style and fashion.

Backpacks for girls at school

When a girl grows a bit older, they tend to show some kind of fussiness and become picky. They limit their choices and get stick to the trends and fashion which are latest. They want everything to be according to their choices. Girls at the teenage get a bit confusing which picking up something. They just want to look their best in anything they wear. They are not only conscious during the parties; they have the same tendency when they get ready for the schools. They want everything to be perfect from head to toes. These girls usually go for the pink backpacks and they love to have different characters on their bags. They are the ones who love watching cartoons and get attracted to them. They usually go for the bags which have their favorite cartoon on them. There are various other prints like animal prints and floral prints which they choose at this age. But Barbie, Aladdin, tom and jerry are their favorites. They want their bags to be best so that they can look different in the school and create an impression of a diva. They always want to look pretty, thus they do not compromise with their bags. They also like the bags which are strappy and zippy. It gives a different look to their backpacks. There are other kinds of backpacks like the ones which have striped designs or the ones having floral prints. But pink backpacks are the first choice of teenage girls.

Backpacks for college going girls

college bagWhen the girls grow up more than a teen, they get prettier and fashionable. They love to look glamorous and as gorgeous as they can. They make a lot of efforts to look their best. Parties and college going makes their life colorful. They want to look better than others and a feeling of competition arises at this age. Girls get selective and much more brand oriented. Thus they get choosy from their dress to their hairstyles. College girls often remain conscious for their backpacks. It is often a fashion statement in the colleges. Girls love the pink backpacks and prefer this color as it is very feminine and it goes with every dress. There are some more colors like purple, white, aqua, yellow etc. which also looks trendy and opted by girls. They choose the bags with cute laces on them and with lots of straps and zips. Backpacks come in different colors and in different patterns there are bags which have animal prints, floral prints, block prints and character prints. Some have the polka dots which looks very trendy. There are prints with heart shapes on it, which is also loved by the pretty ladies. Leather laces and straps add on to them. There are backpacks which are weak and do not resist the heavy loads. Do not go for them as they are not good for health too. You should ever neglect the health factor while choosing backpacks. Girls are the delicate humans. They should be taken care off. They have the bones which are fragile and poor bags can cause pain in their spine and could further lead to the destructive problems. Thus make sure that you buy a good brand even if you want a pink backpack. Do not compromise for few bucks. Sports bags are the most comfortable ones and they are good for the backs. Just try to spend a bit more, so as to get a better stuff.

There are other kinds of bags also. Like bags which are transparent so as to look through it. Some schools make it compulsory to use these bags. Then there are bags which have been sequenced with silver and golden to give you a diva look. But above all this, pink backpacks have always been the first choice of the girls of every age. They are just adorable and go with every kind of clothes.